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It’s been like 1.5 bajillion years since I’ve been on here…

Okay yea that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s been forever. 

I’ve finally graduated college.

No degree job.

Still single.

Still in retail.

Yea only one positive in that list. That and I’ve pretty much stopped writing creatively all together. I have become a drone. A robot. I go to my a little bit above minimum wage job, and see my friends occasionally. But I really don’t have much of a life. Wow am I lame. Time to change things up. Hmm maybe I’ll start rambling on this here site again. Although does that change any of my situations? Nahhh but it gets me writing again. Even if it’s not entirely creative I’m writing something. I need to start writing creative again, and I need to get a damn BIG GIRL JOB! 

Guess I’m back. We shall see how long I stay :) (it’s just another reason to procrastinate ;p).

"How desperately
my empty hands always search
for your hands to hold.

- Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)

:) dawww I want a hand to hold








Art and text by Madeline Gonzalez.

Can this be made into a children’s book so I can buy it for my future children?

I second this^^


Serious. I want Finn to see this when he’s older.

I lovee this


I don’t think many people realize that if the world was a single, united, peaceful people science would advance so much faster

if there was less greed and the companies who sold to us actually cared or the government gave a shit to stop the wrong doings of the rich the world would be very nearly a perfect place

I knew I liked that show for a reason :p

Went out with the girls last night!!!

Went out with the girls last night!!!

Reblog if tattoos are a major turn on for you.

Oh yes!

Haha cute

Haha cute